Brooklinde is owned by Rhoose couple Rob and Irene Linder who, together with their designer goldsmiths Clare Baldwin and Emma Hedges, have established a thriving business which due to countless referrals has a loyal customer following.

Over recent years they have also formed a close working relationship with the film industry, their bespoke pieces being worn regularly on stage and screen.

Both Emma and Clare favour sketching in front of the customer rather than relying on the CAD computer software, feeling that it can inhibit certain designs losing some of the romance and craftsmanship of creating a one of a kind.

Having said this they do agree that CAD can be a very effective tool especially when creating jewellery that holds multiple or unusual shape stones.

Clare studied for a BA Honours in Jewellery and silversmithing, at Loughborough University. She loves the more organic forms and allowing her pieces to evolve. But it is the commission side that she enjoys the most

"I love to work to the clients brief, its like problem solving, I can use the goldsmithing knowledge I’ve gained for the practicalities but also my love of design to encapsulate the aesthetics and feeling that the client is trying to achieve"

Emma is more controlled in her designing and prefers a more angular style which she has developed since studying at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University, for her BA Hons. She regularly experiments with surface texture creating stunning pieces that often incorporate the pearls she has lovingly sourced.

"being able to design a piece of jewellery from scratch, make it in our workshop and finally seeing someone fall in love with it and taking it home - it’s a perfect job"